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Homer Simpson makes the cut?

October 7, 2013

News just in from Tom Calderbank, The School of Curiosity’s resident philosopher, poet and rescuer of ancient buildings. After much deliberation he has made his list of philosophers to be discussed when he guides The Villefranche Walk of the Philosophers through the medieval Old Town, during our “End of Summer School’ 23-25 October. You can get the full prospectus here.

Better still, you can book your place right here.

In case your wondering, here’s the list that he has come up with….

1. HOMER (Simpson)
2. EPICURUS (Epicurious?)
3. MARX (Karl and Groucho)

Have a curious day!

Son of a witch (no that’s not a typo) heads for School of Curiosity

August 28, 2013

A gifted poet, performer and philosopher, Tom Calderbank is a son of a witch (literally) and proud son of his home city, Liverpool.. He’ll even lern yer sum Scouse. Tom’s running the philosophy walks at The School of Curiosity ‘End of Summer School’ in the medieval Old Town of Villefranche – an amble through ancient streets exploring the ideas of five philosophers and leading a discussion about their relevance to our lives today. You can get the full prospectus here.

Meanwhile, here’s a bit about the man….

A man landed on the moon, for the very first time in history, the year that Tom was born. The heavenly bodies must have been aligned, as Tom was born to one of England’s greatest unsung witches, Arianhod, in a unique city that styled itself as the centre of cosmic consciousness: Liverpool.

He is a force of nature, a man with lightening running through his veins. A man who turns the trash of run down neighbourhoods into the treasure of vibrant communities.

During the city’s reign as European Capital of Culture, he worked as a roadie for La Machine and their epic spider ‘La Princesse’, 10 days that he says changed his life. He was the driver of an IT bus, a community activist who had passionate love affairs with ancient buildings before bringing them back to life and now is the Director of Curiosity at Bearhunt.

Tom has been positively changing the world (or his small part of it) all his life. A huge believer in people power, he has been instrumental in a string of award-winning projects at the sharp end of community development in his beloved Toxteth.




Smile, laugh, it won’t hurt

September 26, 2012


Physicians, philosophers and priests of all cultures have acknowledged the healing properties of laughter. When a child laughs for no reason we think its wonderful, but when an adult laughs for no reason we fear for their sanity.

Laugh for no reason – it triggers curiosity.

Have a curious day.

Topsy turvy trials and tribulations

July 3, 2012

According to philosopher Alain De Botton “There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.”

Have a curious day.


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