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Kettle & toaster salesman joins faculty

March 4, 2015


Yes you read that right. Adam Walker was quite a good salesman specialising in kettles and toasters. So why, you might ask, is he coming to The School of Curiosity?

Well, psychologists reckon that you expand your curiosity quotient by embracing new ideas and getting out of your comfort zone. That’s just what Adam did. After watching an in-flight movie about a man who swam the English channel, he realised that his epitaph was likely to be ‘Here lies Adam. Quite good at selling kettles and toasters’. So with no real swimming expertise, he decided to get out of his comfort zone and do the channel swim. His first attempt lasted just 45 minutes before he became seriously hypothermic.

When he did eventually complete the swim, his whole outlook on life changed and he wondered what he should do next. He has now completed the Oceans 7, the seven most challenging channel swims in the world and nothing can drag him back into his comfort zone. That’s a great loss to the world of kettle and toaster sales, but a great gain for us as Adam uses his story to help each of us edge out of our comfort zones. Maybe our lives will never be the same again after three days and three nights of summer school. You can book here¬†

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