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Cultural cognitive dissonance

July 2, 2013 , , , , , , , , , ,


From time to time, we are probably all pretty good at thinking that we live in a culture that’s a just a little bit superior to others. A recent question posted on Quora asked people to contemplate the question “What strikes you as odd about your own culture”.

The responses are funny, interesting, disturbing and sometimes downright bizarre. For example, India makes 3000 movies a year of which 95% are love stories. According to Anjishnu Kumar,  ”…The same society that consumes thousands of love stories for its weekly entertainment, has an arranged marriage rate of 80%+ in urban middle-class areas, and 100% in rural areas. Inter-caste and inter-faith marriages are almost like a statistical error”.

We also learn that Dutch people eat stuff that the rest of the world finds strange. Have a look here

Have a curious day.

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